Congratulations on your wellness journey! While we’re getting Michelle Obama arms, buns of steel, and hard core abs, how fit is your mind?

Wellness isn’t just about being physically fit. We must ensure we have a positive mindset and are adding value to others.

I get overwhelmed sometimes. When those times occur, I access my resilience toolbox. These are a few things that I recommend:

1) Go to your happy place. For me, that may be a bubble bath, listening to music, a walk on the beach, etc. Do what makes you feel better.

2) Never underestimate the power of prayer! If you make time to pray, God makes time to listen.

3) Embrace the value of bad experiences. There’s a lesson and a blessing in every bad experience. Learn the lesson, appreciate the blessing, and move on.

4) Eliminate guilt and negative self-talk – immediately! What you send out, you get back. Decide to be happy.

5) Meditate. Meditation quiets the mind and enriches the soul.

How fit is your mind? Mental wellness adds value to your life. It’s not selfish to love you, take care of you, and make your happiness a priority – it’s necessary.

Make YOU a priority! It starts NOW!


Ask Yourself…When was the last time you finished your workout and felt like Crap? Probably slim to None Right?

Did you know that while you are exercising your body will release a chemical called endorphins. As a result your body is pretty much FORCED to be happy and feel positive.

There is a reason why doctors are starting to prescribe Exercise to their clients more frequently. Exercise can significantly lower your stress, your blood pressure, feelings of depression and so much more!

At JazzCo Fitness we never see a client leave the building without a Smile! We Specialize in Fun Fitness and we do it with a Supportive Friendly Group as well!

So if you’re feeling down today, your job or your Spouse is stressing your out, if your concerned about your health or you just Simply want to feel more confident in your own skin I Highly encourage you to start TODAY!

Make YOU a priority! It starts NOW!

Reference: http://www.m.webmd.com/depression/guide/exercise-depression



I would love to say that every day I am eager to get my exercise on!  However, I’ll keep it real!  There are days when I don’t feel like exercising!  (I know I’m not the only one!)   I’ve learned to dismiss those thoughts and replace them with positive thinking.  What motivates you?

I am motivated by 79-year old Ernestine Shepherd!  She is a certified personal trainer and the oldest competitive female bodybuilder in the world, as declared by the Guinness Book of World Records.   She is up at 3:00 a.m. each morning running, lifting weights and working out!

I am motivated by the military veteran that was on the treadmill next to me at the gym.  He had two prosthetic legs and a very real, motivating attitude!

I am motivated by making time for me.   We spend a lot of time on the job, taking care of others and often we neglect ourselves.

I am motivated by my diagnosis of Lupus.  Lupus is an autoimmune disease in which the body’s immune system mistakenly attacks healthy tissue.  Exercising is sometimes a struggle but I know it will help on my journey to wellness.

I am motivated by my personal trainer.  He is about his business and is a very good trainer.  I now realize I knew very little about exercise and the importance of strength training.  Spending my coins on the trainer every month also keeps me motivated!

I am motivated by music!  The music sounds good, makes you feel good, and gets that body moving!  Exercise gets your blood circulating and prevents the buildup of toxins.

Whether you’re motivated by someone you admire, feeling good, looking good, having a workout buddy or simply being healthier – take care of you!  You’re worth it!


“You have to stay in shape. My grandmother, she started walking five miles a day when she was 60. She’s 97 today and we don’t know where the hell she is.”– Ellen Degeneres






I’m sure many of you are wondering, who is Deb and why is she writing a blog on JazzCo Fitness?  Well, I am the proud mother of Jazzy and she is my favorite (and only) daughter.

The first time I did the plank, I remember thinking that it looked easy, required no equipment and I was certain I could do it!  I lasted 23 seconds!  I’ve since come to love this exercise.  It’s challenging but it gets great results!

The plank is a yoga pose that will help improve your posture and engage all the muscles of the core.  To begin the plank, mirror CoCo’s  position in the photo  above.  Lie face down on an exercise mat and place your elbows and forearms under your chest.  Prop yourself up using your toes and forearms.  Keep your body in a straight line (no sagging).  Hold for 15-60 seconds or as long as you can.  Work your way up to three minutes.

Today is my 61st birthday and I’m up to two minutes on the plank.  My challenge to you is to do better than I!  Forget the whip and nae nae – how long can you plank?