Welcome to JazzCo Fitness! The Home of the BEST dance fitness program in Orlando!


Are you tired of the same old routine at the gym? The monotonous grind on those tired old machines? Well, guess what? WE FEEL YOU! Here at JazzCo Fitness, we're all about injecting some serious fun into your fitness regimen! Say goodbye to the dull and mundane, and hello to an exhilarating workout experience that'll leave you buzzing with excitement!

At JazzCo Fitness, we've mastered the art of making fitness downright FUN! Join our vibrant community of kindred spirits who'll not only cheer you on but turn every workout into a party! Say farewell to the humdrum of traditional gyms and step into a world where every session is an adventure!

So, what are you waiting for? Kick boredom to the curb and come groove with us at JazzCo Fitness! Your journey to a fitter, happier you starts right here, right now!

Class Schedule:
Tue & Thur: 6:30-7:30pm

*Class payments are made via credit/debit card at the front desk*


Dover Shores Neighborhood Center

1400 Gaston Foster Rd, Orlando, FL 32812